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    Office hours: Monday – Friday: 10-6pm

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    Kendall Office

    7887 N. Kendall Drive. Suite 103. Miami, FL 33156

    Doral Office

    3905 NW 107 Avenue. Suite 103. Doral, FL 33178

    Office hours: Monday - Friday: 10-6pm

    Office hours: Monday - Friday: 10-6pm

    Why Choose us

    At Flossome Orthodontics in Miami, We believe that orthodontic treatment is the best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones. The way you feel about yourself greatly influences your self-esteem.We want to be part of your smile’s transformation. Dr. Marianela Cardenas has been practicing orthodontics for over 20-years. Her professional and experienced staff will make your orthodontic journey a pleasant one.

    Our team is dedicated in making you feel right at home and answer all your questions.

    Our Miami orthodontist mission is to provide people who haven’t been comfortable at the dentist with a place to go, with everything they need to feel at ease. Our Miami adult orthodontics provide all phases of dental care with all types of anesthesia, including local, nitrous oxide, oral, intravenous, or general; whatever the needs of the patient. Your comfort is our first priority. Our Miami orthodontist understands that giving patients a comfortable experience in the dental chair will keep them coming back.

    We offer invisalign, clear aligners, braces and more. When you’ve injured yourself after regular dental business hours, and you’re wondering “Is there a orthodontist near me for adults? We’re here to answer that question for you. Call us today at 305-275-1094 for a Dental Appointment, or for more information about our Dental Cosmetic Services in Miami.